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The Shunwei investment team comprises seasoned professionals from the investment and Internet industries, with abundant experience in venture capital investment, capital operation, startups and corporate management. The team has led investments in more than hundred companies.

Jun LEIFounding Partner & Chairman

Tuck Lye KOHFounding Partner & CEO

Tian ChengPartner

Rui LiPartner

Wei LiExecutive Director


Mr. Lei is a renowned technology entrepreneur and angel investor in China. He famously advocated several Internet winning strategies including “the 7-words phrase tactic”, “fly pig phenomena” and “go with the flow” theories.Mr. Lei founded Xiaomi Corporation in 2010 and is currently its Chairman and CEO. He is also the Chairman and co-founder of three other public companies (Kingsoft, YY, Cheetah). Mr. Lei started his career at Kingsoft Corporation, which he successfully brought public in 2007. Mr. Lei was also the founder of, which was sold to Amazon successfully in 2004. As an angel investor, Mr. Lei was always happy to provide strong support to startups and their development. Through Mr. Lei’s support, Duowan(YY) was successfully listed on Nasdaq. Companies such as VANCL, UCweb, Great Wall Society also are the best-of-breed in their respective areas.

Tuck Lye KOH

Mr. Koh has extensive experience in the private equity industry, spanning early to growth stage investments in multiple industries. Before co-founding Shunwei Capital, he held various management positions in several international institutions including C.V. Starr, GIC, AIG and Deutsche Bank. Mr. Koh has invested in multiple industries, including TMT, manufacturing, retail & consumer and logistics. His representative investments include Xiaomi, Dingxiangyuan, 17zuoye, Onemore, Kingsoft (3888.HK), Actions Semiconductor (ACTS) and Xingda (1899.HK). Mr. Koh was Investment Committee Member and Review Committee member of several funds. Mr. Koh graduated from the National University of Singapore and Stanford University.

Tian Cheng

Mr. Tian Cheng has more than 9 years of experience in private equity and financial industry. He held senior investment and analyst positions at international institutions such as Temasek and Goldman Sachs. He has deep understanding and insights about financial markets, private equity investments and venture capital investments. He has participated in many investment projects covering TMT and consumer-related industries, including: Alibaba, Xiaomi, VANCL, Youku-Tudou, Tuniu, Shanda Literature, Mogujie, Momo, Didi, Rong360, Jiuxian, etc. Mr. Cheng has a Bachelor degree in Science and Master degree in Management from Fudan University.

Rui Li

Mr. Rui Li has rich experience in Internet startups and corporate management. He has held senior management and product operation positions at HaoDaiFu, Alibaba, Yahoo China, and 263. He also participated in several Internet startups’ founding and establishment; has deep insights in operation and development issues at various stages of a company. Mr. Li has a Bachelor degree in Physics from Peking University.

Wei Li

Wei is a seasoned professional with deep experience in investment banking and direct investing. He has both local insights into Chinese capital market and start-ups, as well as extensive international working exposure. Before joining Shunwei, he was with China Aviation Industry Investment Fund, China eCapital, Straumur Investment Bank and Standard Chartered Bank. At Shunwei, Wei’s focus areas include online education, internet finance, and companies with disruptive business models. Wei has led investments in 51Talk, 17zuoye, Renmaitong, LiWeiJia, Pebbles, etc. Wei has Bachelor and Master degrees from Peking University and became a Chartered Member of the CFA Institute since 2006.

Yu DuanVice President

Xing MengEIR

Zhijian ZhangEIR

Fei CaiVice President

YongQiang XiaoAssociate

Yu Duan

Mr. Yu Duan joined Shunwei in early 2013, mainly responsible for investment analysis of mobile Internet and smart hardware sectors. He has participated in several investments including Huami, Yeelink, and Yeeuu. Prior to joining Shunwei, Mr. Duan worked at China International Capital Corporation, Bosera Fund, Pingan UOB Fund and Yinhua Fund. Mr. Duan has a Master degree in Finance and Bachelor degree in Economics from Peking University. For recreation, he likes body building and ultra trail running; having completed Beijing TNF 21km, NingHai 50km marathons.

Xing Meng

Xing Meng has extensive experience as an entrepreneur in building startups in the fields of artificial intelligence and online gaming. Prior to joining Shunwei, Xing founded and ran two image recognition startups in Silicon Valley and Beijing. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Xing served as the GM of Asia for Caesars Interactive Entertainment and oversaw Caesars’ Asia online businesses including online gaming and the World Series of Poker. Xing started his career as an investment banker at JPMorgan Hong Kong. He led and participated in a number of IPO and M&A transactions totaling over $60 billion in deal size. Xing holds bachelor degrees in applied mathematics and economics from University of California, Berkeley, as well as a MBA from MIT Sloan.

Zhijian Zhang

Mr. Zhang is a serial entrepreneur. He has over 13 years’ start-up experience in e-commerce, enterprise technology services and telecommunications industry since 2004. Mr. Zhang’s start-ups include: once China’s largest mobile e-commerce service company Yek Mobile, online shopping recommendation engine “haodongxi (good stuff in Chinese) ” , chef service and fresh food delivery platform “shaofanfan (cooking rice rice in Chinese)”, and online gourmet brand “Weilei ”. Zhang had totally raised US$ 10.53 million from Shunwei Venture, IDG Capital and Shining Fund. Mr. Zhang briefly worked for Shanghai Bell as a R&D Engineer in telecommunications in 2001. Mr. Zhang received his B.Sc. Degree in Electronics from Peking University in 2001 and M.Sc. Degree in Innovations in Manufacturing Systems and Technology from Singapore-MIT Alliance in 2003. Zhang is a soccer fan and pet lover. Deceased golden retriever Coco was his favorite dog. He now raises Coco’s son Marco.

Fei Cai

Cai Fei supports in the field of Human Resources. Before joining ShunWei, Cai Fei served companies includes Borealis Beijing Office, News Corporation China, MSN, MySpace and Qunar. Cai Fei holds bachelor degree in Accounting and master degree of Business Administration.

YongQiang Xiao

YongQiang Xiao is responsible for industry and investment analysis, focusing on Internet technologies and mobile Internet industry. Prior to joining Shunwei, YongQiang has led several investments including Youmi (a mobile advertising platform). YongQiang has a Bachelor degree and a Master degree in Science from Peking University.

Ruofan WANGAssociate

Yixuan Geng Associate

Xinting LiuInvestment Analyst

Xiaoning LiangLegal Counsel

Yuanyuan LILegal Counsel

Ruofan WANG

Ruofan WANG is responsible for industry and investment analysis, focusing on Internet technologies and mobile Internet industry. She has a Master degree in Finance and Bachelor degree in Computer Science and economics from Peking University.

Yixuan Geng

Yixuan Geng primarily covers the technology sector, including innovative applications of technologies in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Robotics. He also participates in Shunwei’s investments in emerging markets like India. Prior to joining Shunwei, Yixuan was a senior engineer at Oracle America working on R&D of enterprise applications and database systems. Before that he participated in research projects on Distributed Systems at Yale University and Natural Language Processing at Chinese Academy of Science. Yixuan received a bachelor degree in software engineering from Wuhan University. He also holds master degrees in computer science from Yale university and in management science and engineering from Stanford University.

Xinting Liu

Xinting Liu is responsible for industry and investment analysis, focusing on Internet technologies and mobile Internet industry. Prior to joining Shunwei, Xinting worked at PhoenixTree Capital, Fosun Capital, Founder Securities, etc. Xinting has a Bacherlor degree in Science from Fudan University.

Xiaoning Liang

Ms. Xiaoning Liang joined Shunwei Capital in 2015 and is Legal Counsel of Shunwei Capital. Ms. Liang previously acted as a lawyer of a Beijing law firm for many years and has extensive experience in venture capital and general corporate. Ms. Liang graduated from University of International Business and Economics School of Law.

Yuanyuan LI

Ms. Yuanyuan LI is the Legal Counsel of Shunwei Capital. Prior to joining Shunwei, Ms. Li worked at Global Law Office for many years specializing in venture capital and financing areas. Ms. Li received her LL.M. degrees from China University of Political Science and Law and University of Montreal.

Luna LouPR Manager

Luna Lou

Luna Lou has 5-year experience in Public relationship, marketing and digital marketing .Before joining Shunwei,Luna Lou was the PR manager of IDG capital and a senior journalist of CBNweekly. Luna Lou has Bachelor degree in Management and Bachelor of Arts. Luna Lou is the author of a best-seller book.

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